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Data245 saves you time and improves the productivity of your HR staff by relieving them of two often repeated tasks.

HR Bazaar is a virtual HR assistant application that provides secure 24/7 do-it- yourself delivery of payroll, benefits, and eligibility information, direct to your employees.

Bright Bot takes over the often-tedious task of the initial screening of job candidates.

Data245 connects your staff and employees with HR data when they need it, in a way that maximizes efficiency for everyone.

Data245 has over 30 years of experience in the employee benefits Industry and created one of the first online enrollment systems.

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data245's team of data specialists customize algorithms that predict future claims and losses in a company's employee benefits. This HIPAA compliant process saves our clients between 5%-20% of their overall healthcare benefits budget. Learn more in About Us.

Our apps offer a full range of HR specialty services to you and your employees. Ranging from health and wellness to virtual assistance, our applications create completely autonomous opportunities to streamline your HR department and prevent fiscal losses.

Our Machine Learning wellness applications are between 95%-98% accurate. This is attributed to the fact that computers pick up traits and details that our human eyes miss every time. Our ML systems are trained to perceive the environment, and then take actions that maximize the chances of successfully achieving goals. This process is similar to human nature, but without the errors.


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With over 30 years of providing HR services...