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At data245, we help our clients achieve their company’s HR financial goals through the execution of Machine Learning. By applying a miscellany of data to our algorithms, we are able to identify the company’s future losses and the future of employee well-being. After translating the results of the ML algorithms into reports, we then recommend and support integration for your company.

We also offer a full range of mobile wellness applications that make employee benefit savings possible. The apps, available on the Apple Store and Google Play, use Machine Learning to encourage early detection of the most serious, and costly, diseases and is free to employees. By character, these apps prevent monetary dissipation caused by needless claims, premiums, and subsequent treatment plans.

    We deliver actionable insights and facilitate implementation.

    Once we derive results from the data, we tell you what it all means, and what’s next for your company. Our process saves businesses between 5%-20% on overall employee benefit expenditures.

    When you entrust data245 with your HR proceedings, you will get:

  • Advanced Data Scientists
  • Professional Consulting Team
  • Customer Service and Operations
  • Working with data245 is working with 30+ years of experience and mastery in the employee benefits Industry.

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data245's team of data specialists customize algorithms that predict future claims and losses in a company's employee benefits. This HIPAA compliant process saves our clients between 5%-20% of their overall healthcare benefits budget. Learn more in About Us.

Our apps offer a full range of HR specialty services to you and your employees. Ranging from health and wellness to virtual assistance, our applications create completely autonomous opportunities to streamline your HR department and prevent fiscal losses.

Our Machine Learning wellness applications are between 95%-98% accurate. This is attributed to the fact that computers pick up traits and details that our human eyes miss every time. Our ML systems are trained to perceive the environment, and then take actions that maximize the chances of successfully achieving goals. This process is similar to human nature, but without the errors.


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